Saturday, June 16, 2012

Calling All Rangers to Arms

June 16, 2012

Calling All Rangers to Arms:

We need to leave the following message at CBS Comment site, Facebook and Twitter: . We need to hit CBS hard, Get the word out to continue to stream contact Netflix but we need to target CBS. We need every body we can bring to hit CBS. Contact all Rangers old and new and ask them to help.
CBS: Comment Site:

Regarding Drop Box: Put Not Listed
Click on the Box for “Request”
Enter your name and email address

Message: I live in Smithtown, CA, I am 42 and I am a fan of the TV show Jericho. I would like CBS to work with Netflix to produce new episodes of Jericho. I am one of millions of fans who want Jericho to return and we are a very large and diverse group of consumers that sponsors want to reach. Thank You


You need to use a hashtag # before Jericho. CBS is @CBS and Netflix is @netflix. Just put those in with what you want to say in 140 characters or less. People will retweet you to their followers & one can only hope it goes on ad infinitum. Good luck

Face Book:

Who is with me? Lets get this done. Don’t let CBS kill this deal. We have a large community across the web and across the globe. We need to let CBS know there is an audience of consumers who will watch Jericho and buy the sponsors products.

Keep the Faith

Your opinions and comments are very important to CBS and we read every message that we receive. Due to a high volume of messages, were not always able to provide a personal response, but we do appreciate your taking the time to fill out our feedback form below.

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